From the Book of Order:  "The office of Deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and
service after the example of Jesus Christ.  Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, of exemplary lives,
brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies, and sound judgment should be chosen for this office.

Deacons are responsible to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who
may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.  The shall assume such other duties as
may be delegated to them from time to time by the Session, such as leading the people in worship through
prayers of intercession, reading the Scriptures, presenting the gifts of the people, and assisting with the
Lord's Supper."

Ongoing programs hosted by or assisted by the Deacons are:

Support the troops program

Each year, the Deacons also collect clothing for area school children

North End Soup Kitchen
A multicultural
success story

Our Deacons and their last year of service:

Funmi Adigun (2020)
Margaret Bausack (2022)
Jill Bolduc (2022)
Sharon Bonney (2020)
Matt Burton (2021)
Karen Fischer (2022)
Kathy Henderson (2021)
Alice Shirley (2020)
Jeri Taylor (2021)

Our Deacons have the special talent of making things look easy. Thank you for serving!