The Session

From the Book of Order: "Elders are chosen by the people.  Together with ministers of the Word and
Sacrament, they exercise leadership, government, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of a
particular church as well as the church at large, including ecumenical relationships.  They shall serve
faithfully as members of the session.  When elected commissioners to higher governing bodies, elders
participate and vote with the same authority as ministers of the Word and Sacrament, and they are eligible
for any office.

Elders should be persons of faith, dedication, and good judgment.  Their manner of life should be a
demonstration of the Christian gospel, both within the church and in the world.

It is their duty to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation.  Together with the pastor they
should encourage the people in worship and service of God, equip and renew them for their tasks within the
church and for their mission in the world, visit an comfort and care for the people, with special attention to
the poor, the sick, the lonely, and those who are oppressed."

Current Session members are:

Greg Bolduc (2021)
Allison Bradley (2022)
Waldo Bronson (2021)
Denise Dixon (2021)
Gayle Kettler (2022)
Mary Krist (2020)
Delphine Moore (2020)
Barbara Wesley (2020)
Ryan Wier (2022)

Moderator - Rev. Lindsey Carnes

Georgia McCall - Clerk of Session

Members are encouraged to speak with any of these people with any church concerns.

Thank you!
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