This page updated on
December 21, 2008
These pictures were taken on December 21st, 2008
This particular Sunday morning,
our parking lot is more empty
had 180 people in our pews.

And those who braved the
treacherous roads today, sang
precious Christmas hymns and
Our sanctuary walls are graced with
nativity hangings, and Christmas and
Christmon trees adorn our worship with
gentle reminders of the birth of Christ our
decorated conservatively
plenty of room in those
pews for YOU!

Please join us as we live
church building.
A year ago, the whole
building was just a building
unity.  The merging of our
three churches was A year
ago, the whole just
beginning, our building was
just a building was just a
framework of sticks, the
framework of sticks, the
building unity.  The merging
of our three churches was
just beginning, our
members struggling with
names and faces,
rearranging the service, the
structure, the very heart of
Trinity United Presbyterian
Church (USA).
Come see us.  Worship with us.  
Have coffee with us.  
We have room for you!  
We can't wait to meet you.  

Let us worship God!
blowing winter wonder!!
front hall, coffee
this pleasant
machine ready to
go, just waiting
for you to stop in
and fire it up.  It's
a great place to
meet & greet,
Now, we have
and fire it up.  It's
Below, you can
Below, you can a
great place to
see our nativity
meet & greet,
decor, and the
Now, we have
easy chair
waiting for
you!share &
A multicultural
success story