This page updated on
September 15, 2008
September 15th, 2008
last few months!  We left behind
our familiar halls & walls for a
shifting things from here
to there, back and forth, to
fro, finding our way at last.

Trinity United Presbyterians,
U R here!
warm days this year, but with 3 are
thriving.  Thank you to all those
who labored to make our church
attractive and colorful!
Each time I come, the landscape is
shrubs, trees and grass!
so do we!  New groups are
forming, new activities are
happening, opportunities to help
Our property changes daily, and
something that interests you - and
if you don't - start it up!

Below, water sits near the
parking lot in the background, but
that rose is beautiful and makes
Above, the rains have soaked the ground,
allowing the new plantings to get a good
start - if they don't drown!

Everything is green, green, green!  We're
meeting the neighbors and they're lending a
helping hand.
A year ago, this
on big sheets of
only by those with
A year ago, this
great imagination.
was all but a  
along the way,
lost some friends,
and made some
new ones.  It's a
journey of faith
with more yet to
See that steeple?
Come see us.  Worship with us.  
Have coffee with us.  We have
room for you!  We can't wait to
meet you.  Rejoice!
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