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September 2011 Trinity Observer
A multicultural
success story
Greetings Everyone!

This has been a great summer at Trinity.  There have been so many
high moments.  We had three baptisms:  De’Andreia Randall and
Kenyon and Gay Grover.  We have added four new members:  
Beverly Bronson, Kenyon and Gay Grover and Jane Harger.  We
certainly have been blessed.  We completed the 12 Weeks of Prayer
with Rosaline Brown sharing a heart-breaking yet hopeful testimony
about the violent death of her daughter, Patricia.  The Brown’s story
has started us thinking about the city of Flint and the issues of
violence which continued to dominate the news and impact the lives
of so many we know.  How might God be calling Trinity to stand in the
gap for the city of Flint?  If you are interested in being a part of Trinity’
s Visioning Team, please call me at the church office.
We have also had our share of low moments and continue to be a
community in grief.  We have had many personal tragedies and
many have lost close family and friends.  We are always balancing
between our joys and concerns.  For those families in pain: I pray that
God loves you and is closer than you might know.  God watches over
your coming and going.  God is your shield, your shelter, your  
protection and your peach.  Psalm 46 reminds us that we must be still
before the Lord.  Enter into His presence and you will gather the
strength you need to keep on keeping on.  The Lord is your
shepherd.  Amen.
Fall 2011
We are looking forward to the fall at Trinity United.  We have added
on to the Christian Education Program and I am excited to share
some of the details with you.  The biggest change is that Sunday
School will run from 9:15am to 10:00am for all age groups!  It is our
hope that the time change will encourage attendance.  The change is
also a reflection on the importance of everyone’s presence and
participation in Sunday Worship.  We look forward to seeing you in
Sunday School.  Look for the new Christian Education brochure
coming soon outlining both the former and the new offerings.  Below
is a sampling of what you will find in the brochure.
  • The Sunday School Curriculum for 2011-2012 will be one
    developed by David C. Cook.  This study will focus on the
    Wisdom Books of Proverbs and Psalms,  and on the prophet
    Samuel.  We believe that this study does a wonderful job at
    providing useful biblical tools which will help us all in applying God’
    s word to our everyday life.  David C. Cook uses contemporary
    examples and is sensitive to multicultural ministry.

  • Bible Study Offerings:  Beginning in September I will begin a
    weekly church-wide bible study on Monday evenings.  We
    currently have a monthly women’s bible study and I plan to add a
    monthly men’s bible study as well.  We will also be offering a
    book group option for Christian education, as well as once a
    month Coffee Hour Conversations.  These conversations will
    provide an opportunity to reflect for about 20 minutes after
    worship on some aspect of the sermon.  The purpose of these
    conversations is to build relationships and to reflect with each
    other on what God may have spoken to us.

Also, please be on the look out for the Stewardship committee’s Fall
Initiative called:  Grateful Response.  More that anything, this team is
looking forward to meeting and talking with members and friends of
Trinity United both to give and receive information.  Please come out
to the dinner program.  The dates are September 13, 14, 15 and
September 20, 21, 22 all at 6pm at Trinity United.  The best way to
make a good decision about anything is first to be informed.  Come
and hear for yourself and share your feelings.  We want to know what
you think!
As always, I am grateful for the privilege of being your pastor.  
Please call, write or come by.  I would  love to catch up.          
                                 Pastor Lawson

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