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March 2011 Trinity Observer
A multicultural
success story
Flint Township has now joined in the curb-side recycling.  
Since we do not have curbside garbage pickup,  I have been
taking some of the cardboard and paper from the church.  This
will be for church used items only, not everybody’s homes.  
There will be a flier in the kitchen for the things that can be
recycled.  There will also be 2 recycle bins in the kitchen to put
the items in it.  These items must be washed out and no food
can be in anything.  Please check it out if you are involved in
any kitchen food prep.  Cardboard boxes (like cookie or
cracker boxes need to be broken down though.  I will take the
bins home each Sunday or Monday for our pick-up on Tuesday
mornings.  Please help with this recycle program and help save
our earth.  There also will be reward money at the end of the
year that we can use for our church.  
Thank You.  
Pat Rice
Christian Education News

Three of our Youth will be attending the Alma Youth Mix from
March 11-13th.  If there are others besides Monica and Allison
Bradley, and Diamond Storey, who wish to go, please contact
Denise White.  This is a good time to see the Campus of
Alma College and meet new friends and have a fantastic time.  
$40.00 per person.
We are considering beginning a Tutoring Program on
Wednesday afternoons for children from 4th-8th grades.  This
endeavor can only become fact if we have enough people to
help.  This would be a great time to extend our mission to the
community and would only be 1 1/2 hours a week.  The
number of students we can have will depend on the number of
adults available.  You would not have to be there every week.  
More information will become available later.
The Children’s Choir needs more people.  Don’t you know
some children that would enjoy singing and getting to meet
new people and God?   Barbara Shackleford would welcome
them all.
News from the Session

Janis Beach has been elected by the session to be this
years Treasurer.  Since Trinity United does not have a
pastor at this time, Rev. Glenn Grant, of Kirkridge
Presbyterian Church, comes to the Session as the
Moderator.  Rev. Grant also moderated the recent Annual
Congregation Meeting.  
The Session has met on the second Monday of the month
in January and February.    Our
regular meeting date is the
third Monday at 6:00p.m..  As of March, Session will return
to the third Monday.
It is  difficult when any church does not have a pastor.  
There has been some discussion at Session meetings
regarding filling the pulpit.  Some want to save money by
calling on elders to speak on Sunday mornings.  That is
fine, but elders cannot serve communion.  When
communion is planned,
a minister with certain qualifications
must be hired for that day.  Rev. Phil Olson has been
preaching on certain Sundays.  The Youth led the worship
on the second Sunday in January.  Members of the PNC
have also led worship with Elder Janis Beach speaking.  
Various members helped out on the third Sunday in January
for Martin Luther King/Race Relations Day.
Our second set of hand  bells has been sold to Dr. Eleanor
Goodman for $1,500.00.  That is a two octave set.  The
Session split on selling those bells, because some thought
that we could get more than $1,500.  Dr. Goodman
volunteered with the hand bell group in December.  She
plans on using the bells in schools and church groups.
sentative of the church when there is no pastor.  
St. George Orthodox Church (next door) will be having an
anniversary celebration in June.  Alcohol will be served so,
Flint Township sent a waiver to be signed by a
representative of Trinity United.  The Clerk of Session is
the official representative of the church when there is no
pastor.  I signed the waiver after polling the session.  Nine
members agreed to sign the waiver.  St. George has an
alcohol permit, but since Trinity United is a church or school
located less than five hundred feet from that church, we
have to be informed of certain events.
Session is eagerly awaiting Rev. Desiree Lawson, who may
become the pastor of Trinity United.  We have been
blessed that we only had a few months without a pastor.  
Some members have not been regularly attending, more
than likely waiting until the new pastor arrives in Flint.  The
Session is already the governing body of the church, but
without a pastor, they are the leadership.  They did a great
job planning the Appreciation Celebration for Rev. Offrink
and Rev. Duncan on January 16th.  In the spring a tree or
bush will be planted to commemorate the service of those
two ministers.
Elder Delphine M. Holland, Clerk of Session
The Coordinating Team meeting will be held on March 7,
2011 at 11:30am.  We will be setting up the program for
2011, so we need all Team Members to be present, plus any
women who have concerns or ideas for the women of Trinity
to consider.
On March 20th, we will be celebrating the Gifts of Women
Sunday.  We will need women to participate in the service,
either as speakers, ushers and greeters or to help with the
Coffee Hour following the service.   Become an active
Presbyterian Woman and volunteer for this special day.
Our Grandparents Group and the Naomi Circle meetings
may be changed due to the Lenten Dinners each
Wednesday.  Check your bulletin for dates and times.
Sound Panels

With approval by Session, members and friends of
Trinity United have begun to participate in a “Buy A Box”
fund raiser.  Fabric covered boxes have been hung on
the sanctuary’s south wall to reduce the room’s echo.   
Because it has greatly improved the sound quality, more
boxes need to be hung on the north and west walls.  
Each box costs about $15.00 and some 25 or more
boxes are necessary to complete the project.  Cash or
checks may be given to Jan Beach, placed in a separate
pew offering envelope, or sent to the church.  In any
case, please specify that it is for “Buy-A-Box” or “Sound
Panels”.  If you have any questions, contact Craig
Hardy.  Thank you for participating in this important
We are asking the kitchen people if they would
please refrain from using red drinks for coffee
hour.  When the red drinks get spilled on the
floor, the only way to remove it is to bleach it up,
and that takes the finish off the floor.  With the
price of refinishing the floor every once in a while,
it will be quite expensive over the year.  Many
people have concern for this matter.  
Thank you!
                     March 6, 2011
Exodus 24:12-18                                                            Psalm 99  
2 Peter 1:16-21                                                        Matthew 1:1-9
               Communion Service
       Rev. Phil Olson, Guest Minister

                   March 13,  2011
Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7                                                    Psalm 32
Romans 5:12-19                                                    Matthew 4:1-11
                                       Youth Sunday
       Rev. Phil Olson, Guest Minister

                 February 20, 2011
Genesis 12:1-4a                                                            Psalm 121
Romans 4:1-5, 13-17                                                  John 3:1-17
          Women’s Day Celebration

                 February 27, 2011
Exodus 17:1-7                                                                Psalm 95  John 4:5-
42                                                            Romans 5:1-11
  Rev. Phil Olson, Guest Minister
The Deacons are looking for a
wheelchair.  We have three
wheelchairs at the Church, that
are the standard size, but we
would like one that  would be at
least 22-24 inch or larger

The Worship Team would like to announce that
there will be Lenten Dinners and Study starting
on March 9th and running every Wednesday
evening through April 13th.  These will be a pot-
luck’s starting at 6pm each night.  The following
week, April 21 will be Maundy Thursday with a
reinaction of the Last Supper.  This also will be
at 6pm, with dimmed lighting.
Organizing a New Group

Would you like to be part of a new group?  A group that
will take charge of one of our most important
investments.  This investment has become a very
important part of our church life.  This new group would
get together about every four to six weeks.  They would
hold their meetings in the kitchen.  AH-HA! The
purpose of this group would be to organize and put
things back into their proper place as they clean and
sanitize the kitchen.  They also will be making
determinations about the care and replacement of the
equipment.  Would you like to be a part of this very
important group?  Call Pat Rice  or Alice Shirley  
FOR                        2011

Sharon Alexander, Assisting with Finance
Sharon Auger, Christian Education - Chair
Allison Bradley, Assisting with
Youth,                         Technology - Chair
Waldo Bronson, Finance - Chair
Christine Cook, Worship - Chair
Delphine Holland, Clerk of Session
Mary Krist, Membership - Chair
Georgia McCall, Nominating - Chair,
Clerk                 Pro-Tem, E.P.I.C
Patricia Miller, Assisting Worship
Ron Shirley, Property-Chair
Barbara Wesley, Staffing & Personnel - Chair
Denise White, Youth-Chair

What:      The North End Soup Kitchen
When:     Friday, March 4, 2011, 2:00-5:00pm
Where:    735 N. Stewart Avenue, Flint
This is a hands on project that requires you to help prepare and
serve food to their clients, under the direction of their chef.  If
you would like to help with this project, please contact, Karen
Fischer at or Alice Shirley.

What:        The Food Bank of Easter Michigan
When:       Saturday, March 26, 2011, 11am-2:00pm
Where:      2310 Lapeer Rd.  Flint

This is a hands on project also and requires that you help fill
boxes with different types of foodstuffs for the needy.  They
provide a lot of food to the needy in this area.  It takes a large
number of hands to get this food ready.  Your help will be
deeply appreciated.  Thank you and we look forward to working
with you!

The Deacons
Trinity United Presbyterian Church
Property Management Team

This Team will be responsible for the planning for and
following through on regular maintenance.  Including, but not
limited to:  sidewalks, driveways, parking lot, snow, ice, grass
cutting, and shrub trimming, cleaning the inside of the church,
painting, replacing light bulbs, and other normal repairs that
may present themselves.  A 5-year plan should be developed
to set goals that will improve the use of the facility.  Not all of
this work has to be done by team members.  We may be able
to issue contracts for it.
This team will be responsible for obtaining bids and/or the best
resources for major work that must be done.  The Session
must give final approval.  Contracts for work in and around the
building should be reviewed by the team.
This team will be responsible for a building and property use
policy.  A key management policy will be developed.  Once
established, this policy must be reviewed each year.
                Jerry & Sharon Auger                
                Delphine Holland                  
                Pat Rice                             
                Orble Shackelford               
                Winn & Levi Smith                
                Sandy Topham                      

                Ron Shirley-Chair                
Trinity United Presbyterian
Church - Deacons for 2011

Alice Shirley        Moderator—Flowers—             
        P.W. —One Church/Four Schools

Shirley Hale        Co-Moderator                     
        Bereavement Dinners

Karen Fischer        Flowers—                                   
        Christian Education—
        One Church/Four Schools

Sue Smith                Cards for Shut-Ins—         

Phyllis Scales        Bereavement Team—       
        Bereavement Dinners

Desiree Fischer        Youth Group                     

Buffy Wier                                                      

Jerry Kamrath        Support the Troops—        
            One Church/Four Schools

Ernestine Towns                                         
        Bereavement Dinners—

Peggy Brack        Nominating Team          
        One Church/Four Schools

Margaret Bausack                                  

Levi Smith