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Jul 2011 Trinity Observer
A multicultural
success story
Don’t forget, when you are disposing of
newspaper, cardboard, cans, plastic
containers or bottles, aluminum foil or
aluminum pans and other recycling
items, they need to be
CLEAN, and
flatten all cardboard and put them in the
recycle bin in the kitchen.  Thank you!!
We are asking the kitchen people if they would
please refrain from using red drinks for coffee
hour.  When the red drinks get spilled on the
floor, the only way to remove it is to bleach it up,
and that takes the finish off the floor.  With the
price of refinishing the floor every once in a while,
it will be quite expensive over the year.  Many
people have concern for this matter.  
Thank you!
Ron Shirley, Property Chair.
                       June 5, 2011
 Communion Service
                  “A Change Agent”
               Rev. Desiree Lawson
                      June 12,  2011

                                  "A Resting Place"
               Rev. Desiree Lawson
                     June 19, 2011
                "A Dwelling Place"
             Rev. Desiree Lawson
                    June 26, 2011
               "A Listening Place"
             Rev. Desiree Lawson
Special Care Members
& Friends
Ron Auger
Janis Beach
Celestine Bronson
Betty Elford
Violet Flaming
June Foltz
Yvonne Groat
Arlene Gullett
Dr. Alfred Gwillim
Connie Hutchins
Ann Lomax
Roy Olson
Marjorie Rutherford
Phyllis Scales
Larry Shoup
Joan Shirey
Evelyn Taylor
Larry Tilley
Charlie White
Jimmy Williams

Please Keep our Special
Care People in Your Prayers.
     Christmas Lights

Would the person that removed the Christmas lights from
the tree in the from yard, please let me know where the
lights are.  Thank You!     
Pat Rice,    Property
In preparation for Pentecost, here are some thoughts as it relates to
multicultural congregations.
The topic of a multicultural church is best illustrated in Acts 2, the
Pentecost event.  The topic of Sunday worship continues to be a
divisive issue among Christians specifically the differing styles of
worship.  Worship style, for the most part, is dictated by the dominant
group of a particular church.  Fortunately, the worship on the Day of
Pentecost did not run into the same challenges as we find ourselves
struggling with in worship today.  According to Justo L. Gonzales, the
Holy Spirit was the worship leader and “rather than allowing the entire
crowd to understand the language of the disciples, the Spirit made it
possible for everyone to hear each in their own tongue.”
1  Could there
be something to the Holy Spirit?  They each heard the message in
their own tongue, but they were all together to commune or share and
have a common experience.  Gonzales states the Greek meaning of
fellowship is to share or communicate “and that we fail to
acknowledge that to share is to relinquish control.”

It is my belief that God’s great plan from the beginning was to gather
all peoples back to God and not to cause divisions.  In 1 Corinthians,
Paul writes to the church to address divisions within the church.  In 1
Corinthians 1:10, he pleads with the members of the Body of Christ
to “agree with one another so that there may be no division among
you and that you may be perfectly united in mind and thought.”  He
spends a great deal of time on the topic of worship and spiritual gifts.  
In chapter 12, Paul teaches that we all have different gifts, services
and works; but, we all serve the same Spirit, Lord and God.  Paul is
trying to get the church to understand that the only way to accomplish
being of one mind and thought is by respecting and making space for
the operation of the different gifts, services and works.  Tolerance
may be interpreted as putting up with difference albeit making it clear
that you are not happy.  Respect and acceptance is more about
coming to terms with difference and recognizing the value it adds to
the Body of Christ. This is a process.  The Body of Christ will always
lack without diversity.   The Book of Order states in G-4.0401 agrees
with the former statement and states “the fellowship of Christians as it
gathers for worship and orders it corporate life will display a rich
variety of form, practice, language, program, nurture, and service to
suit culture and need.”           
The United States of America is unusual because it is a melting pot.  
It is a country built on diverse cultures and peoples.  Almost every
country in the world is represented in this cultural mosaic.

If we look at the beginnings of the church in the USA, we can trace its
roots back to a Roman, Eurocentric identity.  In other words, we
learned how to do and be church from a European perspective.  In
this current time, a new cultural awareness is brewing in the land and
African-Americans, Latino/Americans, Asian-Americans, Native
Americans and others are emerging with newly interpreted theologies
and are claiming and/or reclaiming a freedom of cultural expression.  
We must acknowledge that many Christians today living in the USA
are not of European descent and therefore the way we do church and
the way we worship must reflect the different cultural blending.  The
solution to this phenomenon is not simply to plant more segregated
churches.  The answer is evolving in the emergence of multicultural
congregations such as Trinity United Presbyterian Church (USA)        

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and reflections about this
article.  Please write or email your comments to revlawsond@yahoo.
com or call me at the church.
1. Michael Hawn, One Bread, One Body: Exploring Cultural Diversity
in Worship, Bethesda: Alban Institute (2003) pg. xiii
2 Ibid.
                    Site use - Rental
The following procedure will be used to determine the use of our building and
grounds, when they are not being used by our church programs.  A request for use of
the Sanctuary, Multi-purpose Room or the outside grounds must be made to the
Secretary’s office to see if a date is available.  The secretary will take all of the
necessary information and advise them that they must also contact the site use sub-
committee of the property management team.  Delphine Holland, Pat Rice, or Ron
The Sub-committee will set up a meeting to review all of the details of the request
and will make a recommendation to the Session.  All site use must be approved by
the Session.
Property Management Team
       Vacation Bible School
V.B.S. is  having a date change.  The VBS will now be held July11-
15. 2011, 5:30-7:30pm.


People to help with Vacation Bible School.
Hometown Huddler leaders.  These people will meet with their
individual “town families” for 15 minutes before and at the end of
each day.  All the material that you will need will be given to you.   
Be a hometown hero!
Marketplace merchants.  Actually you will meet with the children and
adults and direct a simple craft.  You will need to be there at least 3
of the 5 days, to open your “Market” and show your customers how
to make your product.
Assistants to both the Hometown Huddlers and the Marketplace
merchants.  This is ideal for anyone who can be there only on
certain days.

If you can help in any of these areas, contact the office and leave
your name and number and someone will call you about the prep
Nominating Committee Begins Its Mission
Members of the 2011 Nominating Committee consist of
Georgia McCall and Ron Shirley from the session, Peggy Brack
from the deacons, and Craig Hardy, Kathy Henderson,
Charlotte Needham, and Margaret Tilley from the congregation.  
Our process began with a training conducted by Ted
McCullough and Jerry Nippa from the Presbytery on May 7th
followed by our first planning meeting on May 14th.
  • Nominating Committee Training (Nippa and McCullough)
    May 7th
  • First Committee Planning Meeting/May 14th
  • Invite recommendations from the congregation/May 22
  • Committee/Congregation pray and discern whom to
    invite/May 22nd-June 19th
  • Committee meets to list potential nominees/June 19th
  • Invitation visits to potential nominees/late June and July
  • Deadline for completing state/Mid August
  • Election of Officers/Mid October
  • Pastor trains newly elected officers/Late October to Early
  • Pastor ordains/installs officers/Early January
All members are asked to participate in this with your prayers
and recommendations.  Please pray with us and read the
following scriptures until our work is done: Luke 4:14-21;
Matthew 12:15-21;4:18-22; Luke 11:1-13; Luke10:1-9; Mark 10:
42-45.  The Nominating Committee Chair.
 Georgia Terrell McCall
         Session Update

  •      The Session met Monday, May 16, 2011, at 6:00p.m.  
    There were eleven members present.  Our treasurer, Elder
    Janis Beach is still in Hurley Hospital, but is improving.  A
    motion passed to allow the Finance Team to revise our
    current system and begin writing checks on-line.  Including
    Jan Beach, several finance team members have the
    authority to write checks and will do so in Jan’s absence.  
    Please keep Jan in your prayers.
  •        The owner of the Kentucky Street Property wants to
    sell the house which is under a land contract.  He will pay
    off that contract which has a balance of about $8,000.   
    That money will be used to pay for the new church sign.
  • There will be three baptisms in the month of July, one child
    and two adults.  The adults will become members the same
    day that they are baptized.
  • The Christian Education Team asked that the “Faith
    Offering” be designated for Vacation Bible School
    materials for the next six weeks.  Vacation Bible School is
    rescheduled for the week of July 11-15, 2011.
  •        The Nominating Team received training from both the
    Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of Lake Huron, Rev. Ted
    McCullock and Clerk of the Nominating Committee of the
    Presbytery, Jerry Nippa.  The Nominating Team is
    prayerfully beginning the task of selecting new elders and
    deacons and would also solicit the prayers of the
  • The Building and Property Team with the support of the
    Session has installed new locks for the church.  Also, a
    slightly used copier will be leased and placed in the choir
    room for use by members who need to make copies
    outside of the church secretary's regular business hours.
All Health Fairs Kits need to be in before July 3, 2011.  Please
remember to get them to church by that time. Thank you!!
        June 22, 2011
The Power of Pentecost
Pentecost started as a Jewish festival commemorating God’s
giving the law to the
Israelites 50 days after they escaped from slavery in Egypt.
Just days after the risen Jesus ascended to heaven, his
(Jewish) disciples gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate
Pentecost.    But, God transformed the occasion by giving the
Holy Spirit, as he’d promised.  The disciples saw something like
flames among and on them, heard a rushing wind and began
speaking in many languages.  The pilgrims of Jerusalem heard
about Jesus in their native  tongues.  (see Acts 2:1-12).
In Christian churches, Pentecost was once as important as
Christmas and Easter.  Today congregations  still observe it in
special ways, using the color red to symbolize the Holy Spirit’s
power.  Worship services sometimes include hymns, prayers
and scriptures in various tongues.  To simulate  the original
Pentecost experience,  congregations may say the Lord’s
Prayer in several languages at once.
 Trinity Sunday,
June 19, 2011
The liturgical  calendar calls (The Sunday after Pentecost)  
“Trinity Sunday”—a day set aside to “celebrate” the
unique triune character of our God: Father, Son, and Holy
Symbols of the Trinity include a circle inscribed within a
equilateral triangle.  Actually, during the first eight
centuries of Christian art, the image of the triangle for the
Trinity was not wide spread-although on one of the
gravestones in the catacombs, there is a triangle in which
the monogram of Christ was placed.
The three persons were often represented in art, but they
were shown separately.  The first time they seem to be
placed together was in the fourth century, and that
representation consist of, “the Hand, the Lamb  and the
Dove,”  which is said no longer  to exist.

From Homiletics.        
BE BY JUNE 22, 2011

The Adult Choir of Trinity United
Presbyterian Church will be entertaining the
residents of Woodhaven Senior Community
on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 6:00pm.  
Woodhaven is located behind the Kroger
store at Corunna &Dye Roads.
children every 6th week.  The adults need to
be caring and trust worthy, as our children
are precious to all of us & to God.  If
interested, see Delphine Holland, Sharon
Auger or Rev. Desiree Lawson.  
5-Bobbie Hardy        
         12-Mary Krist        
         19-Beverly Bronson