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January 2011 Trinity Observer



                     LECTIONARY READINGS

                  January 2, 2011
Jeremiah 31:7-14                                  ** Ephesians 1:3-14
Psalm 147:12-20                                             John 1:10-18

                    Janis Beach
                  January 9, 2011
Isaiah 42:1-9                                                   Acts 10:34-43
Psalm 29                                                    Matthew 3:13-17
Baptism of Jesus
            Youth and Young Adults

                  January 16, 2011
Isaiah 49:1-7                                         1 Corinthians 1:1-9
Psalm 40:1-11                                                 John 1:29-42
Race Relation Day
      M. L. King Jr. Observance

                 January 23, 2011
Isaiah 9:1-4                                         1Corinthians 1:10-18  
Psalm 27:1, 4-9                                          Matthew 4:12-23
         Rev. Phil Olsen
                 January 30, 2011
Micah 6:1-8                                         1Corinthians 1:18-31
Psalm 15                                                      Matthew 51-12
         Rev. Phil Olsen    

A multicultural
success story
Until we have a new minister on board, the
session will be handling our day to day
affairs, and you still have to go through the
ranks of the session.  The session will still
have to be notified of everything that goes
on in the church, and will discuss it at the
monthly meetings and make a decision.
Flint Township has now joined in the curb-side recycling.  Since we do
not have curbside garbage pickup,  I have been taking some of the
recycle items home and had my husband take care of it.  He has been
doing this at our house for about 5 years, and he needs more to do
now that he is retired.   
This will be for church recycling, not everybody’s homes.  There will
be a flier in the kitchen for the things that can be recycled.  There will
also be 2 recycle bins in the kitchen to put the items in it.  These items
must be washed out and no food can be in anything.  Please check it
out if you are involved in any kitchen food prep.  Cardboard boxes (like
cookie or cracker boxes need to be broken down though.  I will take
the bins home each Sunday or Monday for our pick-up on Tuesday
mornings.  Please help with this recycle program and help save our
earth.  There also will be reward money at the end of the year that we
can use for our church.  
Thank You.  Pat Rice
Pastors’ Appreciation Celebration

Members of the Session are planning an “Appreciation Celebration”
for Rev. James Offrink and Rev. Annie R. Duncan.  All members are
encouraged to attend and express appreciation for their service at
Trinity United Presbyterian Church.  There will be a program in the
sanctuary beginning at 3:00 PM on  Sunday, January 16, 2011
followed by a strolling buffet in the multi-purpose room.  Contact
Georgia McCall or any member of the Session to find out how your
participation can make this a special occasion.
Please mark your calendar to
help take the Christmas
decorations down.  We will
meet on Saturday, January 8,
2011 @ 10   am to pack
everything, and clean up after
Missing Pronouns
You cannot pray the Lord’s Prayer and even once say I.
You cannot pray the Lord’s Prayer and even once say My.
Nor can you pray the Lord’s Prayer and not pray for one another,
To ask God for “our” daily bread, you must include your brother.
For others are included...in each and every Plea,
From the beginning to the end of it, it does not once say Me.
                                                                                        author unknown
Get Ready for Epiphany

Many Christian denominations celebrate Epiphany each year on or near
January 6.  “Epiphany,” which means “showing forth,”  celebrate the
visit of the magi, or wise men, to the baby Jesus.  These men, also
known as kings, saw the star that led them to Bethlehem.
The fact that these wise men were Gentiles, not Jews, teaches us an
important theological lesson;  Their search for the Savior shows that
Jesus came for all people.

In 1875, Philip Bliss wrote the hymn “The Light of the World is Jesus.”  
The first stanza captures the meaning of Epiphany, a season of light:

The whole world was lost
in the darkness of sin,
The Light of the world is Jesus!
Like sunshine at noonday,
His glory shone in.
The Light of the world is Jesus!