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Febuary 2011 Trinity Observer
A multicultural
success story
Flint Township has now joined in the curb-side recycling.  
Since we do not have curbside garbage pickup,  I have been
taking some of the cardboard and paper from the church.  This
will be for church used items only, not everybody’s homes.  
There will be a flier in the kitchen for the things that can be
recycled.  There will also be 2 recycle bins in the kitchen to put
the items in it.  These items must be washed out and no food
can be in anything.  Please check it out if you are involved in
any kitchen food prep.  Cardboard boxes (like cookie or
cracker boxes need to be broken down though.  I will take the
bins home each Sunday or Monday for our pick-up on Tuesday
mornings.  Please help with this recycle program and help save
our earth.  There also will be reward money at the end of the
year that we can use for our church.  
Thank You.  
Pat Rice

All “SHOP TILL YOU DROP”  participants, VG’s has changed
their Community Share program that we have been using to
raise funds for Deacon projects.  The VG’s program now
requires that you use what they call the “VG’s Yes Rewards”
card when you shop to earn special rewards and Community
Share points.
This is a wonderful way for the Deacons to earn money for
Mission Work.  So, VG’s shoppers, the next time that you are
in your favorite VG’s store, please sign up for the “Trinity
United Presbyterian Deacons.  The Community Share points
will show up on the bottom of your receipt.  Just clip the
bottom portion off and deposit it in the box provided in the
Multi-Purpose Room.  Thank You All!
FOR  2011

Sharon Alexander, Sharon Auger,
Allison Bradley, Waldo Bronson,
Christine Cook, Delphine Holland,
Mary Krist, Georgia McCall,
Patricia Miller, Ron Shirley,
Barbara Wesley, and Denise White

The chair persons of each committee
will be announced next month.
Keys ! ! ! !

The Property Management Team needs to know how many
keys to our building and offices are in circulation.  Would
those of you that have keys, please come to the desk in the
narthex, after the service, to report the key(s) that you
currently have.  If you need to, please call me at 653-0580.  
Thank you!  
The Property Management Team,
Ron Shirley, Chair
Coffee Hour
Remember to sign up to
host a coffee hour .  The
sign-up sheet is on the
refrigerator door in the
kitchen.  Keep it simple.
Sound Panels
The Sound Panels that the E.P.I.C.
Committee has been working on, are
finally up on the Sanctuary Wall.  They
are in Green, White, Blue and Purple.  
We have already noticed the difference
in the sound.  Come and join us to hear  
the difference yourself.
Also a big thank you to the last year's
E.P.I.C. team who had the idea  to tackle
the sound problem.  
That E.P.I.C. Team consisted of:
Denise White, Christine Cook, Sharon
Auger, Rev. Annie R. Duncan, Herman
Graham, Janyce Kamrath, Sally Offrink,
Carolyn Scott-McDonough, and a youth

The help of Janyce Kamrath and
architect Dennis Kamrath made this
dream come together.