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April 2011 Trinity Observer
A multicultural
success story
Don’t forget, when you are disposing of
paper, cardboard, cans, plastic
containers,   aluminum foil or aluminum
pans and other recycling items, that you
put them in the recycling bins in the
kitchen.  The cardboard needs to be
opened up and flattened.  We need
everyone to help.
The Greater Flint Council of Churches announces that there
will be a sunrise service held at 7:00am on Easter Sunday
Morning at Sunset Hills Cemetery on Flushing Rd..  The
service will be held at the  mausoleum  on the hill.  Everyone
is welcome to come out and join the service.
Buy a Box

The Buy A Box Committee would like to THANK all of
those who generously contributed to this project.  We
reached our goal and have enough funds to continue the
project even further.
Thank you one and all!
We are asking the kitchen people if they would
please refrain from using red drinks for coffee
hour.  When the red drinks get spilled on the
floor, the only way to remove it is to bleach it up,
and that takes the finish off the floor.  With the
price of refinishing the floor every once in a while,
it will be quite expensive over the year.  Many
people have concern for this matter.  
Thank you!
Ron Shirley, Property Chair.
                         April 3, 2011
1 Samuel 16,1-13                                             Ephesians 5:8-14
Psalms 23                                                                  John 9:1-41

                 Communion Service
                Rev. Desiree Lawson

                        April 10,  2011
Ezekiel 37:1-14                                                     Romans 8:6-11
Psalms 130                                                               John 11:1-45

                                           Youth Sunday  
                 Rev. Desiree Lawson

                        April 17, 2011
                        Palm Sunday       
Matthew 21:1-11                                     Psalms 118:1-2, 19-29

            Rev. Desiree Lawson

                        April 24, 2011
                       Easter Sunday
Acts 10:34-43                                                  Colossians 3:1-4
Psalms 118:1-2, 14-24                                           John 20:1-18

     Rev. Desiree Lawson
Special Care Members
& Friends
Ron Auger
Celestine Bronson
Betty Elford
Violet Flaming
June Foltz
Yvonne Groat
Arlene Gullett
Dr. Alfred Gwillim
Connie Hutchins
Ann Lomax
Roy Olson
Marjorie Rutherford
Phyllis Scales
Larry Shoup
Joan Shirey
Evelyn Taylor
Larry Tilley
Charlie White
Jimmy Williams

Please Keep our Special
Care People in Your Prayers.
Organizing a New Group

Would you like to be part of a new group?  A group that
will take charge of one of our most important
investments.  This investment has become a very
important part of our church life.  This new group would
get together about every four to six weeks.  They would
hold their meetings in the kitchen.  
AH-HA! The
purpose of this group would be to organize and put
things back into their proper place as they clean and
sanitize the kitchen.  They also will be making
determinations about the care and replacement of the
equipment.  Would you like to be a part of this very
important group?  Call Pat Rice  or Alice Shirley  
Pastor Installation

Please join us on Sunday, March 27, 2011
for the installation  for Desiree Lawson as
our new Pastor. We look forward to all
members of Trinity being present for this
great celebration.  The service starts at
3:00pm with the installation of Desiree
Lawson to be followed with a reception to
honor our new pastor.  We will also
welcome Rev. Hurmon Hamilton, pastor of
Roxbury Presbyterian Church, Roxbury,
MA., who will be our speaker for the
Installation Service for Desiree Lawson
A big thank you to the Flint Township Carmen
Ainsworth Senior Citizens Center and Linda
Moore for the wheelchair we’ve been looking into
for a long time.  Thank you very much.  We would
also like to  “Thank” Audrey Resler and Gayle
Kettler for their assistance in getting this
wheelchair donated.  
The Deacons’
Don’t forget your  Church Cookbook.  There is
a limited amount of these books and when they
are gone, they are gone.  Don’t be one of the
people that is left out.  These are recipes from
our own members.  The cost is only $ 15.00.  
See Denise White for your copy.
Thank you for the shower gifts for
Katharyne and her baby.  You made sure
that the little guy has the basics for a good
beginning!  I am even more grateful for your
loving acceptance, your prayers, and your
concern for our situation.  You are truly the
loving body of Christ! May God bless each
of you.        
Shirley Hale
        Yard Attention

Have you always wanted to be a part of a growing
enterprise?  One that rewards you and your fellow church
members on a daily basis?  An enterprise that has no
meetings, no songs, and no dues.  If this sounds like
something with the type of responsibility that you can
handle, bring your green thumb, your gloves and your
energy and join the Church’s new landscaping team.  This
team will be responsible for caring for the plantings that
we already have and any new or replacement plantings
that are needed.  This team needs to get started doing
clean up work, as soon as the frost leaves the ground.  If
this is the type of organization that you would like to be a
part of, please call Jan Kamrath or myself Ron Shirley.   
If you are unable to do this type of work and would like to
help out, please feel free to make a small donation for
seeds, plants and shrubs.  Think about joining now!!
Ron Shirley, Chair
One of Our Own

The “Lady Surge” team  at Cincinnati
State Technical & Community College
has played the NJCAA Division II  
Women’s Basketball National
Championship at Illinois Central
College, East Peoria, Illinois on March
15-19th and earned a 7th place at the
tournament.  We have to be proud of
this accomplishment because one of
our own members is on the team that
made this all happen.  She is
Dominique Fischer, daughter of Karen &
Michael Fischer.  Congratulations to
Dominique and her team.
Empty Pill Bottles
Can you save your empty Prescription bottles
and turn them in to Arlene Gullett?  She is
collecting these prescriptions bottles for Dr.
Peter Thoms, who uses them to fill
prescriptions to patients when he visits other
countries.  Please make sure you include the
covers for the bottles.
Thank you!
Easter Meaning
In a 2010 Barna Group survey, two-thirds of Americans knew that
Easter is a religious holiday.  But only 42 percent connected its
meaning to Jesus’ resurrection.  And only two percent of adults said
they would describe Easter as the most important holiday of their faith.
Not everyone who connects Easter to religion has the facts straight.  
Two percent of Americans said Easter is about Jesus’ birth.  Another
two percent said it’s about Jesus’ “rebirth”.  And one percent said it’s a
celebration of his second coming.  Another three percent described
Easter as a celebration of spring or a pagan holiday.
In the same survey, 31 percent of active churchgoers said they’d
definitely invite an unchurched friend to worship with them on Easter
This Easter, share the truth and joy of the holiday with someone who
doesn’t know Jesus.  News of the resurrection is too good to keep to