Finance Team

Sharron Alexander
Charles Atwater
Waldo Bronson - Chair
Roberta Hardy
Janet Hartzell, Treasurer
Chris Lyttle
Betty Shaw
Maxine Storey

2012 Auditors are: Joan Shirey, Earnestine Jackson & Maxine Storey

Contact one of these people if you have questions or the skills to offer a hand in these very important

And thanks to you for all you do!

As each of us gives from our resources we add our share of concern and love to the local church.  
ministry we ask that you fill out a pledge card.  This will help us plan for good financial

What is "PER CAPITA"?

Every church is apportioned a share of the expenses of the presbytery, the synod, and the General
Assembly for ecclesiastical purposes.  The apportionment is based on church membership.  

The amount varies with the needs of the presbytery, synod and General Assembly, and is a regular
expense payable by Trinity United Presbyterian at the spring meeting of presbytery.  The 2013 Per Capital
amount is $23.81 per member.
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success story