This page updated on December 20th, 2007.
Steeple parts!
How exciting to
see church parts
arriving and being
added to the
structure.      ===>

Windows in stacks,
waiting to be
installed.  Once
they're in the
workmen can close
them against the
cold, right?

That's the                  
portico to the
right, and front
(west) hallway
where the         
windows have
been installed.

offices will be
further to the
These pictures were taken on December 20th, 2007
A balmy day by Michigan in December standards...
From the driveway looking straight south ~ WINDOWS!
The view from
the back - the
arrow points to
who are
installing facia
boards on the
west entrance
This looking east
into the entrance
right.        ===>
A multicultural
success story