This page updated on December 17th, 2007.
Looking northeast,
you can see the
portico is partially
It definitely looks
more like a church

Panning right, it's
interesting how the
whole building
seems bigger now
that it's more side
and this side side
and this side lower
portions have roof
sheathing in place.

This is straight
north from the
showing the
drop-off location
for our members
... very nice!

Below, you can
clearly see the
covered roof of
the far wing.
These pictures were taken on December 17th, 2007
WOW!!!  It's another cold day, and I can't imagine working in
that cold wind all day long!  
From the driveway looking straight south:
Yes, that is a roof over    
the portico!                    
What a nice
vision our
building is from
the south.  Can't
you just

Below you can
see the trusses
over the tallest
part of the
church are
slightly arched
toward the
(See arrow)
A multicultural
success story