This page updated on December 8th, 2007.
of construction

Looking at the main
entrance, social
hall on the right,
sanctuary on the

Let's take a tour!

From the entrance
toward the door
into the sanctuary.  
It's a broad wide
open hallway,
giving plenty of
room to stomp off
the snow, greet
fellow parishoners
and prepare for
Now, still inside the
sanctuary, this time
from the "dais" toward
the southwest and the
The doorway from the
east hall is behind me.
These pictures were taken on December 8th, 2007
It's a beautiful cold day, with just a dusting of snow, and we can
see a lot has changed in just the last few weeks!
looking to the                
where the dais              
will be, and our             
attention will be             
focused Sunday            
mornings.  I                  
turned left and              
sanctuary, and looked
southeast toward the
social hall.

While it appears there
will be a big doorway be
tween the sanctuary
and the social hall, it
may be left open just to
allow the concrete floor
to be poured after the
building is enclosed and
success story