This page updated on December 5th, 2007.
Beautiful cold day, a Wednesday between two freezing-rain-weekends, our building evolves day by day.  It
takes a long time to build a church and there are many small steps along the way... maybe we'll be "done"
when our building is!

Above is looking southeast across the driveway showing the skeleton of our house of worship.  You can't
see them, but there are three workmen in there among the posts.

Below:  This is straight north of the building and looking straight south.  It gives a clear view of the
sanctuary and social hall in the center, offices and classrooms to the left, front hall and doors will be to the
right.  You can see some of the trusses have already been placed over the office/classroom side.  Hard to
believe, but it all seems much bigger now that it has some height.  And look at that glorious sky!  
The chair is gone...

Almost there!  The parking lot is still littered with parts, there's a
tool shed.  A chain is draped across the driveway.  There's a
stack of rebar for reinforcing the floors when they can finally be
poured, and the portable potty seems to have been removed....?
A multicultural
success story