This page updated on November 6th, 2007.
The sky was gray, but it wasn't dark at all, I don't know why this
one looks so dark.  Anyway, new curbs for us!  And it's difficult to
see, but to the right of the driveway is the base for a street light.
across the driveway, looking Left
and below:  This is from northeast
toward the bulding sidewalk frames
it in.sidewalk frames it in.
Below:  Looking straight back (south)
from the sidewalk by the "building" is
the huge parking lot.
low part between the
parking lots, and is a
crucial part of the building
site infrastructure.
Remember I
didn't know
what these
seems pretty
clear now -
lighting for the
parking lots!
... and room for
flowers and
shrubs, I hope!
Alas, the chair is gone...
These pictures were taken on November 4th, 2007
surface now... this pile of gravel
street and the pile to the right is
Here you can see the
concrete curbs have
been shaped in our
"drop-off" area.  The
building is directly to the
left here -- and look at
all that parking space
straight ahead, to the
left and right!!  

We'll have to pick a spot
rather than finding what's
Important date:  11/15/07 at 1pm -
the huge wall sections will be
the pieces arrive!
The blacktop
is being
done this
A multicultural
success story