This page updated on October 28th, 2007.
were taken
It's a Saturday, and
see what was going
none of that pesky
old sunshine to get
in the way!  
northwest corner of
the building This is
from the footprint.  
Portable potty there
on the left, Kohl's
straight ahead.
Further right past the puddles and
the piles, you can see how much
things have changed in just the
last month.
... and panning to the right, there is SIDEWALK!!
Still panning right, you can see
a "firmer foundation" taking

And mud... but we need to
From the northwest
corner of the building
footprint straight
north...              ===>
<=== Driveway to the right, the
building to the left and the parking
lot straight ahead.  Things are
taking shape!

This is look northeast
from the parking lot.  
around the building
have been poured.

This is from the  ===>
back of the sidewalk,
in the future parking
lot, looking north
toward the building.  

Many of us will use
this sidewalk to get
from our cars to the
church... imagine how
many flowers can
bloom along that
length of sidewalk.
<=== There are
constructs in the
parking lot.  What are
they for??
Amazingly, the chair is still there... as if the
workers recognize we must honor the past,
while looking to the future.  It remains in
place, surrounded by huge piles of earth,
the machines that move it and constant
success story