This page updated on October 17th, 2007.
This is the first
visit to the
property when
there was
there!!  Yep,
men working
the storm
The sandy surface on the left is where the building will be...   
You can clearly see where the portico will allow for passenger
dropoffs (how will we ever get used to that??)
These three pictures, above
and left, are looking straight
south from near the NW
corner of the building.
Below is toward the NW (you can see
the Greek Orthodox Church dome),
looking from the end of the sidewalk
and across the driveway.
Right, you can see the level of the         ===>
driveway is about two feet below its original
ground level.  All that dirt has been moved to
the back of the land.
<===  So... I had to climb
the hill to get a long look
to north) of the whole
building site.  Amazing.  
What a beautiful location!

<=== This is straight
north from the NW corner
of the building.
<=== Now I'm walking straight
back to the south end of the
property; you can clearly see
parking lots taking shape with a
drainage pond area in the
But the exciting thing this trip
was the evidence of a sidewalk
from the parking lot, north
toward the church building!
These pictures
were taken on
October 17, 2007
You can see Reverend Jim's
portable potty finally made the
scene!  It sits at the NW corner
of the building, so this is looking
success story