This page
updated on
June 26, 2008

These pictures were taken on June 21st, 2008
Lots of digging,
watering and
already taken place
around here...

And now we are
seeing the benefits
of all that work!
Honestly... it's just
Lovely, right?   YES!
Fountains and
flowers and
mowing and hoeing!

plantings on our
property (doo doo
doo, looking out our
Even the natural
nicer with the
weeds trimmed
down!  This is
looking straight
south outside the
kitchen door.

Here the wallboard
in the sanctuary is
nearing its final
stages and will soon
be ready for paint!

Other rooms are
now being painted
so the suspended
ceilings can be done.
Left, the men's room is being dehumidified,
while above there's no waiting in the ladies'
room yet!
Left, the north hall, from the
church office toward the east.

Above, a room with a view...
into the sanctuary, of course!!
All around our church the tools of building things are
A multicultural