This page updated on May 10, 2008
wonderful day!

You can see most
been added to our
new building ~ and
what a difference it
That stack of drywall shrunk in the
social hall, but grew in the sanctuary
where it will be handy for the workers
to put up in the coming days.
Above, the skeletal walls allow us to
see through the offices, meeting and
class rooms along the north end of the
church.  The road would be on my
right, and the sanctuary on the left.

<=== This is looking through the walls
toward the kitchen from the NE corner
of the building.
on May 10th, 2008
some more cement work to be done.  
Sidewalk pads at the doors, some
sections repaired, and the pad by the
main doors were all added this week.
were hard at work,
but by Saturday
the job was mostly
Left:  The face of
our future church
keeps refreshing
and each week we
get closer to
starting our new
Below:  How
different our main
entry looks now,
with stone and
paved walkway!
A multicultural
success story