This page updated on
May 4, 2008
These pictures were taken
on May 4th, 2008
Lovely day, lovely view!

Right:  See that water
faucet coming out the
side of our church?

Below:  Exterior lights on
the walls and ice dams
on the roof...
week.  Much of the drywall is up and
electrical outlets are sprouting from
walls.  Interior walls are being
finished and ceiling lights are mounted in
the social hall.

Restrooms, offices and classrooms are
taking shape as the metal framework goes
up.  Suddenly the rooms look bigger,
though they should look smaller with the
new divisions.
end of the main hall.

The ladies'                
The mens' room ==>
This is the framework of the "family" ==>
room outside the sanctuary.

Looking from the main doors toward the
sanctuary, straight thru to the corner ==>
where the dais will be.

Below:  The parking lot lights are still in
the sanctuary awaiting installation.
Above, the sanctuary walls and ceiling
remain unfinished, but it won't be long!
A multicultural
success story