This page updated on
April 26, 2008
These pictures were taken on April 22nd, 2008
This is from the top of the big hill at the back of our property.
Climbing that big hill at the back of property was out the
question during the cold, snowy, winter months, but the snow is
What a different perspective from this vantage point!

Below:  From the top of the hill toward the south... very pretty
With some minor breakage here and
there, our sidewalks are cleared of the
mud that covered them most of the
winter and spring.  Now they are
remarkable in appearance, having
almost been forgotten.
took some quick pictures of the
stacks of drywall waiting to be

Left:  This is the sidewalk from
the back of the building toward
the parking lot.

Below:  The workers are
putting the finishing touches on
the ceiling of the covered drop
off area.
Left:  The trees we were able to leave

It isn't deep and won't be there all
year long, but it's kind of a pretty
natural spot right now.

Makes one want to take off shoes and
socks and go play in it as a child
would!  But I refrained... the workmen
were there after all.
success story