This page updated on
April 6, 2008
It looks kinda like a church now,
doesn't it??
Above:  Tools to move the water.

Right:  The steeple sure looks nice.

Below:  Propane pig laying down,
thawing ground.  Below right, the pig's
beginnings of a heated floor.  Wire
Right:  The social hall with the grids are
in place throughout the Right:  The
social hall with the building.

Below:  You can see the large wire
grids overlap.  They are there to
strengthen the concrete and provide a
pattern for laying out the heating hoses.
These pictures were taken on April 6th, 2008
the kitchen, you can see the heating
hoses are in place for most of this hall.
Also, the beginnings of a plumbing
system.  Below, in the same hall, but
looking toward the kitchen from its
doorway.  You notice no gap under the
outside walls anymore, in preparation
for pouring our concrete flooring.
Below is a closer view of the mechanics
of the church building's operations room.
Left:  A glance at the
ceiling shows wiring is in
progress, as well as
ductwork for the air
conditioning.  My!  
Won't we be spoiled??
A multicultural
success story