This page updated on March 16, 2008
These pictures were taken on March 16th, 2008
It looks kinda
like a church
now, doesn't it??
Propane pig, and the hum of a
generator let one know that
something is going on here...

Below the exterior view of the
huge heater, and right, the gaping
tube is about 20 inches in
diameter.  Large fans are
circulating the dry warm air and
the floors are beginning to dry out.
mounted in what will be the
furnace room in the back hall
(east hall) of the church.

Below is one of the fans that is
circulating warm air throughout
the building.
Above is a view into the NW corner,
where the offices will be.  You can see
the floor is much dryer than last time.

Right, is the door and serving window
of the kitchen from the social hall.

Below is the corner of the sanctuary
where the dais will be.