Trinity United members decorated for the Advent Season on December 1st, 2007.  Later in the
day, a luncheon was served and families were creative and crafty.
Barb Consiglio,
Lynn Traver,
Jason and Travis
at the Chrismon

Lynn Traver,
Delores Generes
and Barb
Consiglio hard at
Above:  Margaret Tilley... "Now
where does this go?"

Reverend Offrink and Jan Kamrath
arrange greenery "just so".        ===>
Barb Consiglio does whatever it
takes... supported by Delores

Advent 2007 at Trinity United PC
Above:  Delphine Holland

<===Travis & Jason in the
social hall

Below: Alice Shirley and Pat
Miller in the Parlor
Above:  Margaret Bausack makes it

Lynn Traver & Angels  ===>

Below:  Reverend Offrink at the
Office door.
Peace on Earth, goodwill toward all ~
A multicultural
success story