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success story
Sunday Morning Worship

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The new Zoom code with password starts this
weekend Sept 20.

TUPC Sunday Worship 10am
Meeting ID: 488 551 049
Passcode: 873251

Dial by your location
      +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 488 551 049
Passcode: 873251

This Sunday's service will be
held in the church parking lot
and broadcast  on FM 87.9 and
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“It’s not about where you’ve
been that matters most to God,
it’s where you’re GROWING…”
We are a diverse community of
disciples of Jesus Christ
GROWING together. With the
always present power of the
Holy Spirit, we share our lives,
care for one another, worship,
pray, study God’s word, and
serve both inside and outside
the walls of the church.
We invite you to come and
GROW with us.

Thank you for visiting
our website.
We are in the process of updating
our site and will be fully up to
date soon.

Having an event?
Need to hold a meeting?
Need a facility for up to 250
Rent our multipurpose room!  
Reasonable rates!
Call and ask!
See our facilities
With warm acceptance we greet
you in the name of Christ.  Let us
strive to show love to our Creator
and to one another as we gather
in God's family.
We would love to welcome you in person or answer any questions you may have.  
We hope you will visit with us in the near future whether in person, by phone or via
email.  We look forward to having you worship with us soon.  

You are welcome to contact the office if you need assistance at 810-720-5152
Monday thru Friday from 9am to 1pm.
Our FAX # is 810-820-2433

We welcome you to our new building at 5151 Lennon Road, just west of Linden
Road in Flint Township.
March 28, 2020

Dear members and friends of Trinity United Presbyterian Church:

In our desire to do the best to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus and to protect the
health of the most vulnerable in our communities, the Session of Trinity United Presbyterian
Church unanimously voted to postpone worshiping and all meetings in our building until
May 15.  But that doesn’t mean we have ceased “being the church.” In other words, Trinity
has left the building, but we are still the church.

We Can Still Worship—Sunday streaming will continue from our sanctuary. We hope that
you still join us online or by phone and worship from your homes.  Invite a friend or share
our broadcast, in this time when we all need hope and connection to each other and to
God. (
Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, bulletin, etc)

I wanted to invite you to join a new Tuesday morning Bible study, each week at
11am.  We'll be studying the Twelve Disciples. You can join us on Zoom or by calling
in.  Hope that you can join me as we look at Jesus' disciples and how to be better
disciples ourselves.

Topic: Tues Bible Study (The Twelve Disciples)
Time: Apr 14, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 983 542 300
Password: 194611

Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 983 542 300

You're invited to join Pastor Lindsey for a Wednesday Evening Study at 6:30pm

Praying at the Crossroads: Learning from the Prayers of Old Testament (no book
needed, just bring your Bible)

Prayer is essential to our spiritual growth, yet few of us pray as often or as fervently
as we would like. We turn to God only in moments of desperation and crisis. God  
wants us to turn to Him at every moment of our lives.
The Bible is filled with the prayers of God’s people. Many of the prayers come at
critical junctures of faith—at crossroads of decision. Scripture shows us multiple
examples of people turning to God when there is nowhere else to turn for peace,
comfort, guidance, and strength. Looking to these prayers of biblical leaders, we can
learn to pray with new commitment and passion.

We will learn that the ancient prayers of Old Testament saints (Moses, Joshua,
Deborah, Hannah, Solomon, Joel, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, Habakkuk, Jonah, Daniel,
Nehemiah) have much to teach us in our present circumstances, whether at a
crossroads or on our daily path. Grow in your ability to pray. Together we will learn
to call on God not only at crossroads but also in our daily lives.

Join Zoom Meeting by computer, tablet, or smart phone (audio and video)

Dial by phone (audio only)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 906 855 234

We’re Still Available—The building is currently closed to all groups, except for the crucial
business and financial aspects of the church. Pastor Lindsey and our church secretary
Alysha will be working from home remotely. We will be checking voice mail twice a day
during the week, as well as answering emails from 9am-1pm. If you have a non-urgent
need, please email call and leave a message at church 810-720-
5151.  If you have an urgent need, please call Pastor Lindsey directly on her cell 810-445-

We Can Still Give—The work of the church goes in many different ways.  Please help us
continue to provide for our staff and the ministries in the community that Trinity supports.  
You can mail your check to the church or you can give online (

We’re Here For You—if you are in need of help getting water, groceries or prescriptions,
please call the Deacon Co-Moderators Sharon Bonney or Funmi Adigun or Pastor Lindsey,
and we will contact a church member who can assist you.

We’re Here for Others—How can you “be the church” where God has placed you?

·         Pray and renew your household with spiritual rhythms that guide you towards God’s
provision in a time of human powerlessness. Read scripture together. Pray together. Limit
the frequency of checking the news or online. Your house stands as a missional outpost of
love amidst the danger.

·         Serve healthcare workers and employees with essential jobs.  Pray for them, support
them, take meals to them, offer childcare, and share your appreciation.

·         Be generous and intentional.  Consider supporting local businesses as another way
of showing shalom and benefiting our city.

·         Flip through your directory and address book and phone a few people to check in on
them. Check in on your neighbors and continue the relationships and foster community
around you. Physical distance doesn’t mean social isolation.

·         While you’re at it, spread positivity and the hope of Christ whether in person, by
phone or online.  Spread good information and ignore the bad, by not clouding the air with
misinformation, reading the whole article before you share, and do your best to identify if it
comes from a reputable source.

·         Support a local effort with your time and donations.  Write cards to seniors and
people in nursing homes who are unable to see their family members. Sew medical masks
for the hospitals. Go through your pantry or pick up a few extra items to donate to the food
pantries to those who have lost their jobs.  Offer to get items for someone with a
compromised immune system, so they do not have to venture out to the stores.

·         Remember this, while the church meets together, the church isn’t just a building, but
a people summoned together in the name of Jesus. It is an amazing time to live in solidarity
with the global persecuted church, which oftentimes has to meet in homes.  

We can’t be together physically, but God has called us to love him and our neighbors, and
we can always do that well no matter the circumstances.  You were created to be in
relationship with God and others, and your spirit need community and friendship like your
lungs need air.  Listen to authorities to stay safe, but fight for Christian community to stay
alive.  We can—and we must—find ways to gather and walk through this storm.

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Lindsey